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7 Quick Tips to Getting Your Music on Campus Radio

campus radio

Get Your Music On Campus Radio

College/campus radio is still an integral part of your album release campaign. Unlike bigger stations, college radio stations have a little (maybe a lot) more freedom to spin new songs that they so choose to. Campus radio is a great way to get your music heard, earning new fans, and will also help make you more attractive to industry personnel such as venue bookers/promoters, labels, press, management, etc. So! Here are some super quick tips to keep in mind for your next campaign.

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1. Format

For campus radio you should always send your release in hardcopy format. Find out HOW each station likes to receive music. Check their website, it will state whether or not they accept digital, CD’s, records, cassettes, dinosaurs, etc. All of them will also probably tell you to send it in an envelope with protective padding around it as well.

If you’re releasing it digitally, send them a download card with your hard-copy package. Or email it to them if you have a special contact who you’ve confirmed will accept it.

2. Timeline

Ship it in the mail to arrive at the station about 2-3 weeks prior to your release date.

3. Include a One Sheet

Literally. Send one sheet of paper that includes the following information on it:
Artist Name
Album Name
Release Date
Label Name or Self Release
Recommended Tracks
Radio Adds So Far (if any)
Noteworthy Facts

4. Get Jiggy With It

Build relationships with the music directors and on-air talent and find out what gets them going. Maybe one of them has a sour key eating problem. Help them out with their addiction and stuff some sour keys in the envelope with your CD.

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5. Be a Pro

Have a pro album cover. We all judge.

6. Follow Up

Call or email the Music Director or On-Air Talent (or whomever your contact is) to follow up about your music and find out what they think after you’ve given them some time to review it.

7. But, where do I find a list of stations?

Right here my friend!…
Canada station listings:
North American listings:


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