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Established in 2013, SmartistU is a global educational media platform for music industry professionals, primarily artist managers.

We help them develop successful artists and music businesses by providing business tools, training, and mentorship from GRAMMY artist teams so that they can become high-demand music industry entrepreneurs.

Each year we connect hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe with the music industry’s top experts through LIVE Q&As, videos, articles, interviews, downloads, and online courses.

Our experts work in all areas of the industry from major label A&R to tour managers with long lists of superstar artists on their client rosters including everyone from The Rolling Stones to Dolly Parton to Lady Gaga.




Meet the Founder

Jamie New

Jamie New is the Founder and President of SmartistU Inc.

She has been in the artist management world since 2011 when she was hired to run operations and plan workshops for the Music Managers Forum Canada (one of a collective of over 50 around the world).

Shortly after starting at the MMF, and signing her first band to management, she started a blog to share what she was learning as she learned it. Not only from her own experiences as a manager but also from in-depth interviews and workshops she was hosting with music industry experts from around the world.

She’s personally represented artists with JUNO Awards (Canada’s GRAMMY’s), CCMA Awards (Canada’s CMA’s), major festival slots, label and agent signings, film and TV placements, radio play, etc., and she’s helped launch the careers of newer artists resulting in radio chart-topping and Platinum-selling hits, international tours, major label distribution deals, and major media attention.

Since graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Artist & Culture in 2009, she’s spent her career working for major management companies, record labels, music conferences, music festivals, and media companies in many different capacities working under & learning from the managers & teams of GRAMMY and CMA Winning artists.

Jamie also has a 20-year teaching history. She was a college teacher at 2 colleges in Toronto, teaching Artist Management in the Music Business Management program as well as Business Communications & Writing, and was an athletic coach for 14 years.

Since she was a young teen she’s been super passionate about people following their dreams and doing what they love, and still to this day she does what she can to help them accomplish that.

Through her blog, courses, digital products, interview series, book, and SmartistU’s premiere membership subscription, Jamie and Team SmartistU have taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide how to succeed in the music business.

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