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The Toolkit is a package of hundreds of the most important templates you need to start and run a successful, professionally organized artist management business.

All designed to help you sign reliable artists, plan and manage their tours like a professional agent, budget for, organize, market, and distribute their recordings as the record labels do, and bank your hard-earned money.

“So far I’ve tried several packages on managing artists and managing yourself as an artist and yours by far, without me even diving deep into the product, is already helping me out tremendously as a self-managed artist.

Just wanted to send out positive vibes and say thank you for the insight.”

Naomi Agosto

Your templates, checklists and spreadsheets alone have given me a huge leg up, and you’ve saved me months of labour. Thank you for doing this. I look forward to sharing my successes (and those of my artists) with you and your other members.”

Steve Parton