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Professional Music Management

Your step-by-step guide to becoming a high-demand artist manager (with more confidence and less winging it).

By the end of this course

You will be able to:

  • Sign, launch, market, and manage artists with more confidence (and less winging it)
  • Build a successful, professional, music business of your own
  • Reach your financial goals, doing what you love

Hear it from our students.

I wish I found your course a lot sooner, it would have saved me $15k. You cover every single thing I learned in school and added more.

– Tiffany Bourne, Music Business Management College Grad, Artist Manager, Toronto, ON

Before I found smartistU I struggled to find a resource that had what I needed to help navigate the music industry. I wanted to go full time but lacked the knowledge and resources it takes to make it. Since joining smartistU I have started my own management company, built a tiny house and office, signed two artists, and achieved my year-long goals. The resources that smartistU provides are game-changers for anyone wanting to be a mover and shaker in this industry!

Sarah Fleshner

362 Entertainment, Nashville, TN

This has been by far one of the BEST decisions and investments I’ve made. The information, PDF files, excel spreadsheets have all been a tremendous help in navigating my artist careers. I’ve had my artist’s roster increase as well as hold several consultations a month. Some highlights from my artist have been charting on Billboards, performing at major national events like the National Cherry Blossom Festival, winning independent artist award shows, and several TV appearances

JaLil Brown

JKB Strategic Consulting, LLC, Virginia.

Is this course for you?


You're Already Managing Artists or Want to Get Into Artist Management

… Maybe you’re managing on the side of everything else (your day job, your projects, or your contracts) and feel like you’re getting ahead way too slow.

… Maybe you just “fell into” managing an artist, but don’t have much music business experience, if any.  

… Maybe you have no idea where to start or what it takes to manage an artist to success.

… Maybe you work at a management company and want to be a more valuable employee and better manager.


You're an Artist, Managing Yourself

… And you need to be doing it more professionally, positioning yourself to build your team and fanbase.

But, despite your best efforts, you might feel like:


You're doubting yourself, afraid of not living up to your artists expectations and making mistakes.


You’re not getting ahead fast enough and feel like you're wasting time.


You fear that you might never reach your goals, losing money along the way.


You don't have enough contacts, and the ones you have aren't replying to you..

I get it. I’ve been there.

So I’m going to take you by the hand and show you the processes that successful managers use to take talented artists from inception to recognition.

But first, let me tell you about how this course is going to help you…

Let’s visualize your future…


You become that confident, reputable, irreplaceable professional that you deserve to be.


You increase your earning and create the full-time music career of your dreams.


More artists asking you to manage them, more conferences asking you to speak


You build your network of industry professionals, delegating your long list of tasks, and earn more spare time.


You develop the most ideal, trusting, long-lasting artist/manager relationships.


You set goals for yourself, the talent you represent, and achieve them through solid planning and routine behaviours.

Course Modules

What you’ll be learning


Master Your Mindset

By the end of this module, you’ll let go of any blocks you have, letting go of any fears of rejection or putting yourself “out there”, giving you the confidence, optimism, motivation, and strength to give you a winning mentality.

Increase Your Earning Potential

By the end of this module, you’ll understand exactly what it takes to manage an artists’ career, you’ll identify where you are at right now and where you can strengthen your abilities, how to increase your income streams as well as your acts income streams to become a full-time, sought-after music business pro.

Master the Industry & Its Gatekeepers

By the end of this module, you’ll understand the roles of the top 10 gatekeepers in the industry, how much it’ll cost you to get through to them, and how to do their jobs yourself until you’re ready to work with them.

Discover & Sign Hardworking Talent

By the end of this module, you’ll have discovered potential talent, narrowed them down to the best possible clients to take on, commenced the ‘dating phase’, begun contract negotiations, and taken the first steps in your new artist-manager partnership.

Develop Artist Career Strategies

By the end of this module, you’ve set your career bucket list, your goals, and have confidently planned the writing, recording, marketing, promotion, and touring phases of your artist’s next album release cycle, including budgets and timelines.


Build Your Winning Team

By the end of this module, you’ll understand who makes up the core partner team around an artist, who makes up the creative team, how to build an independent service-based team, and how exactly to reach out and pitch your act the way the industry gatekeepers want you to.

Gain Fans & Make Music They Love

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to confidently direct your artists’ creative endeavors, book their songwriting sessions, work with producers and publishers to create stronger albums, and understand how to earn money even when your artists have smaller fanbases.

Market & Monetize Worldwide

At the end of this module, you’ll be implementing plans to your artist’s songs to as many fans as possible around the globe through streaming playlists, getting on the radio, booking shows and going on tour, getting in the media, getting songs in film and television, and getting the funding to make it all happen.

Make Friends, Network, & Delegate

By the end of this module, you’ll have become a professional friend-maker and entrepreneur who really understands building relationships and becoming a CEO through delegating.

Optimize for Stability & Longevity

By the end of this module, you’ll be managing cash flow and business systems like a pro. You’ll have created balance and implemented processes and standards that will keep you in the business you love for many years to come.


Real-Life Action Tasks & Course Material

44 Worksheets, Templates, and Guides, OH MY! Most lessons end with real-life activities and challenges to get you moving ahead 100x faster.

Meet Your Instructor

Jamie New

Hey! I’m Jamie, the Founder and President of SmartistU (Est. 2013), the world’s largest educational platform for music management professionals.

I’ve been in the artist management world since 2011 when I was hired to run operations and plan workshops for the Music Managers Forum Canada (one of a collective of over 50 around the world).

Shortly after starting at the MMF, and signing my first band to management, I started this blog to share what I was learning as I learned it. Not only from my own experiences as a manager but also from in-depth interviews and workshops I was hosting with music industry experts from around the world.

I’ve personally represented artists with JUNO Awards (Canada’s GRAMMY’s), CCMA Awards (Canada’s CMA’s), major festival slots, label and agent signings, film and TV placements, radio play, etc.; and I’ve helped launch the careers of newer artists resulting in radio chart-topping and Platinum-selling hits, international tours, major label distribution deals, and major media attention.

Since graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Artist & Culture in 2009, I’ve spent my career working for major management companies, record labels, music conferences, music festivals, and media companies in many different capacities working under & learning from the managers & teams of GRAMMY and CMA Winning artists.

I also have a 20-year teaching history. I was a college teacher at 2 colleges in Toronto, teaching Artist Management in the Music Business Management program as well as Business Communications & Writing, and was an athletic coach for 14 years.

Since I was a young teen I’ve been super passionate about people following their dreams and doing what they love, and still to this day I  do what I can to help them accomplish that.

Through my blog, my courses, my digital products, my interview series, my book, and SmartistU’s premiere membership subscription, me and my company have taught hundreds of thousands of people worldwide how to succeed in the music business.

But, let me tell you when I first started in management, I had NO idea what I was doing.

I didn’t know a single thing about the music business.

I had no idea how to contact labels, send songs to radio, how to book tours; I barely knew how to communicate with artists.

I didn’t what kinds of contracts, processes, systems, templates, budgets, checklists, or any other kind of guide I needed to be a manager.

I struggled and did it all myself for years.

That is why I created this course. To walk you through every, dang, thing, you need to know. To share exactly how to sign reliable artists, how to plan their albums and tours, how to get them signed and build their teams, how to market them globally, and how to build a sustainable operation.

Because I want you to get ahead faster than I did, doing what you love.


Course Students



I’m going to take you by the hand.

(Where’s the hand sanitizer?)


You’ll be walked through a very easy-to-follow process. 


You’ll be given actionable “to do’s” and the tools to implement them.


You’ll have the information handed to you from successful managers and industry pros.


You’ll save several years of wasted time trying to figure it out as you go.


Backed with new knowledge, you’ll have much less overwhelm and much more confidence.


No matter where you live or what genre you’re in, take these strategies and replicate over and over.

The Green Room membership and smartistU community have been a HUGE asset and vital resource for me. I discovered Jamie New and her work at a time where I was transitioning in my journey as an artist and was looking for a mentor to help me navigate my new path with a new mindset.

Through our process of working together, I’ve been able to get clear what I need to focus on, begin building a team, and take the necessary steps to make my artistry an actual, sustainable business.

The process of manifesting the dream (being a full-time musician) is an on-going project, filled with ups and downs, and many setbacks; but with Jamie and the smartistU community as an essential part of my team, I feel closer than ever to seeing it actually manifest. 

Steff Reed, Artist, GRAMMY Nominated Music Educator

If anything there is an overabundance of information when it comes to marketing music, but when I found Smartist University, it was like the information cut right to the chase. No fluff, no fillers — just incredibly detailed actionable steps and a narrative that encouraged, inspired and shed light on areas of music promotion that I couldn’t find anywhere else online.

In addition to getting my new single on radio, because of Smartist University I registered my titles with Media Base, Nielsen Soundscan, registered with DMDS and tapped into a new territory of DIY radio promotion — insights I previously didn’t have access to. I formed new relationships with DJ’s and did several acoustic radio performances in New England.

[The experience as a whole] was a game changer. Absolutely [recommend smartistU to others]. 

Mariami, Artist, New York/LA

The Professional Music Management course is the ultimate program to get your music business organized and functional.

This in-depth course covers the entire spectrum of the music industry with straight-to-the-point videos and lots of indispensable documents.

No other program out there compares to it in scope and concept, delivering industry-standard firepower to your music administration workload.  10 out of 10! 

Domingo Cava, DJ and Producer, New York City

Very much helped me better understand “Failure & Rejection”. That is an area I have struggled with for decades….

It better help me validate my thoughts and concerns in regards to the two.

Honestly wish I could have addressed this topic 20 years ago! Better late than ever. I am more at peace with regard to this teaching.

David K Watson, Indianapolis, Indiana

I thought I already knew a lot about the music industry… but then I started this program and realized how much there still was for Jamie to teach me.

Her course is straight to the point and tells you what you need to know without fluff or ego. I especially enjoyed the parts about streaming, as it’s brand new and wasn’t taught at all when I was in school!

I left feeling so much more confident in my abilities as an aid to artists.

I couldn’t recommend Jamie and her program more highly.

Paige Williams, Artist Manager, Toronto, Canada

This course has brought me so close to being the badass manager I’ve always seen myself as.

I’m able to take all I’ve learned, sit with my mentor, and create strategies for my future and my clients future in an acute way that has been unattainable for the past 5 years I’ve worked in this business!

Thank you for investing your time in creating this course, enabling us to invest in ourselves. Cheers Jamie!

Dan Carroll, Artist Manager, London, England

WOW! Thanks, Jamie. You’ve really opened my eyes to a lot of things. You provided quite a bit of homework for me. I look forward to learning more from your company. 

Roy Starkey, DC

I’m thrilled to be one of the first to enroll in your new course ‘Professional Music Management’. This is heaven sent!

Kenneth Brown, Delaware

I enjoy the teaching style, it’s how I learn best so it’s working well. So far it’s awesome and I feel really good about what I’m learning. 

Sabrina Kuhn, Edmonton, Alberta

Last week I used your template to sign a 1-year agreement with a client.

Linda, South Africa

Through this process, I was able to demystify parts of the business planning and music registration process.

I learned how to approach and pitch ideas and collaborations with other artists and industry people, and I am currently in the process of negotiating the exclusive rights to a specific beat my artist used!

I have learned how to plan out for both the short term and the long term, henceforth I am currently working on a marketing campaign for a single that is going to be released next month and I feel more confident and intentional with my process (less flying by the seat of my pants, more being in control).

Joining this community definitely helped me realize that I don’t have to do this myself.

The connections I’ve made with industry people have provided invaluable information and truly has opened up doors and clarified information that I wouldn’t have otherwise had access to or understood.  

Through this community and training, I’ve been able to unfreeze myself and address the factors that contributed to my fear of progressing my business plans.

When you step into an industry and confusing, and often times unwelcoming and cutthroat, as the music industry, it’s terrifying to start making steps when you don’t know for sure those are the “right steps” to make.

Being armed with the information and having the support and backing of a huge global community that cares about you makes the difference. I am now making business decisions and making moves more confidently and with much clearer visions!

Tayo Ajose, Joyful Tunes Management

As an artist manager, a lot of us kind of fall into the role. You’re reading everything you can and just trying to find your way.

smartistU helped me find my footing so I could start maneuvering my way through the industry with confidence.

Having this community of other managers who are going through the same things or have been through them is a comforting feeling. I never feel like I’m asking a “stupid” question. I never feel afraid to ask a question like someone is going to judge me for not knowing.

Jamie has created this amazing platform to learn, grow, share, and celebrate with our industry colleagues.

I was recently able to share an “artist win” as one of my artists had his single played on commercial radio.

One of the tips that Jamie gave us about Radio Promo was to follow up with every station after you get that one spin. I’ve taken that to heart and this week these other stations are starting to respond about playing the track.

Thank you Jamie!

Felicity Ryan, LA


Frequently asked

When does the course start and finish?

Though we might suggest completing one module per week for 10 weeks, it is a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I need support after finishing the course?

In your course dashboard, you will see information about ongoing support through our monthly subscription membership, Music Business Academy.  Inside our private support community, you may check-in daily, weekly, monthly (or whenever you please!) to ask questions, get feedback, and celebrate wins. Plus, we set you up with a Success Team (accountability partners) and keep you on track with goal setting.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited, lifetime* access, along with lifetime access to the private members’ group.

*Lifetime = the lifetime of these offerings/smartistU.

Do you offer refunds?

We would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. We offer an unconditional 7-day money back guarantee. Get inside and see if it’s for you. No risk.

Can you help me with my career 1-on-1?

In your course dashboard, you will see information about ongoing support through our monthly subscription membership, Music Business Academy.  Inside our private support community, you may check-in daily, weekly, monthly (or whenever you please!) to ask questions, get feedback, and celebrate wins. Plus, we set you up with a Success Team (accountability partners) and keep you on track with goal setting.

If you would like a private strategy call, email support@smartistu.com for pricing.

Can I login from my phone?

Yes. Our website is mobile optimized and easy to use from your smart phone or tablet. Pro tip: add a short cut app to your iPhone or Android home screen, to easily access without typing in your browser.

Does smartistU have its own app?

No. However, our website is mobile optimized and easy to use from your smart phone or tablet. Add a short cut app to your iPhone or Android home screen, to easily access without typing in your browser.