FREE TRAINING: How To Get Your Artists Music on Radio & Playlists.

30-year SONY Music executive, Warren Copnick, discusses how to get your music heard by radio and playlist programmers.

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  • How Streaming is Your Gateway to Radio Play
  • How A Major Label Will Find You If You Have A “Streaming Story”
  • If Getting Signed To A Label Is Important
  • 360 Deals, What They Are, How They Are Less Relevant Today
  • What A “Streaming Story” Is
  • How Much YouTube Matters
  • If Live Performance Numbers Matter to Labels Or Radio
  • When An Artist Or A Label Has An Issue With Each Other
  • Low Cost of Getting Your Music Onto Digital Platforms Through Aggregators
  • Creating Quality Music Mastered for iTunes for Uniform Sounds
  • How A Label Picks Radio Singles
  • The Timing Of Releasing Singles To Streaming Vs. Radio
  • Digital Distributors Through Labels (eg AWOL via Warner)
  • Singles Regularly Vs. Album Then Singles
  • How Long Singles Last On The Radio Now
  • What You Say To Radio To Get Your Music Heard And Added
  • What Kinds of Streaming Numbers Radio Wants To See
  • Some Online Streaming Radio Stations Don’t Pay Royalties
  • Where To Invest Your Money
  • “Getting Put On The Back Burner” At A Record Label
  • Press And Print Reviews And Their Influence On Radio
  • You Have a Hit, Now What?
  • How To Find Digital Aggregators/Distributors Using a Mass Song Promotion Platform Like MPE or DMDS
  • How To Find Radio + Streaming Promoters
  • Independent Vs. Label Artists Fighting For Radio Space
  • Are A&R’s More Or Less Risk Averse Today
  • When You Get Local Radio Play, And You Want to Expand To More Channels
  • Length Of Songs and Explicit Songs


A 30-year veteran of SONY Music, Warren Copnick joined BMG Music Canada in the summer of 1990 following his education at Loyalist College and positions at St. Lawrence Broadcasting, Quinte Broadcasting, and The Handleman Company Canada.

First hired as a customer service representative, Warren has since held several positions, including Sales Representative, Regional Promotion Rep, Manager of National Promotion, and most recently Director of National Promotion.

He is currently responsible for the creation and implementation of all radio airplay and promotional strategies as well as overseeing his national team of promotion representatives. In addition to leading SONY Music’s national airplay team in 2014, he became responsible for SONY Canada’s domestic A&R team.

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FREE TRAINING: How To Get Your Artists Music on Radio & Playlists.