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Music Industry Domination

Sign Exceptional Bands. Monetize Artist Brands. Become High Demand.

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Jamie New, Founder of smartistU

Learn from the managers of these artists and more…

We’ve Taught 1000’s of Artist Managers How to Build Professional, High Demand Artists & Businesses- Now It’s Your Turn.

“Before I found smartistU I struggled to find a resource that had what I needed to help navigate the music industry. I wanted to go full time but lacked the knowledge and resources it takes to make it. Since joining smartistU I have started my own management company, built a tiny house and office, signed two artists and achieved my year-long goals. The resources that smartistU provides are game-changers for anyone wanting to be a mover and shaker in this industry!”

Sarah Fleshner, 362 Entertainment, Nashville, TN

This has been by far one of the BEST decisions and investments I’ve made. The information, PDF files, excel spreadsheets have all been a tremendous help in navigating my artist careers. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking into artist management, marketing, tour management, etc. This course and Manager Toolkit has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to start my own business. In February 2018 I started a consulting business; J.K.B. Strategic Consulting, LLC. Since then I’ve had my artists roster increase as well as hold several consultations a month. Some highlights from my artist have been charting on Billboards, performing at major national events like the National Cherry Blossom Festival, winning independent artist award shows and several TV appearances. Special thanks to Jamie and her amazing team for making such valuable content. 

JaLil Brown, JKB Strategic Consulting, LLC, Virginia

If anything there is an overabundance of information when it comes to marketing music, but when I found Smartist University, it was like the information cut right to the chase. No fluff, no fillers — just incredibly detailed actionable steps and a narrative that encouraged, inspired and shed light on areas of music promotion that I couldn’t find anywhere else online.

In addition to getting my new single on radio, because of Smartist University I registered my titles with Media Base, Nielsen Soundscan, registered with DMDS and tapped into a new territory of DIY radio promotion — insights I previously didn’t have access to. I formed new relationships with DJ’s and did several acoustic radio performances in New England.

[The experience as a whole] was a game changer. Absolutely [recommend smartistU to others]. 

Mariami, Artist, New York/LA

Music Industry Domination

Was Created To Solve The Most Common Challenges Artist Managers Face

Does this sound like you?


“I just started managing my first act, but I have no experience in the music business!”


“I’ve been in the music business for years, but I’m switching over to artist management and don’t know where to start.”


“I’m doing this on the side of my full-time job, and feel like I’m moving at a snails pace!”


“I don’t have enough contacts, and the one’s I do have aren’t taking me seriously or replying to me.”


“I really need help finding all the right budgets, agreements, checklists, systems, templates, timelines, and plans.”


“I SUCK at Excel and don’t have time to be crafting spreadsheets!”


“What are all the revenue streams, and how do I manage our money?”


“I’m having trouble coming up with an album marketing plan!”


“I need to get organized.”

But Not Only That…

You want to take your act from inception to recognition, making the least number of mistakes along the way.

You want the step-by-step details.

You want the actionable tactics, tips, and strategies and you want them from successful managers.

I get it.

You feel like you’re wasting weeks, months, and years of your time searching the Internet for hours, asking every single person you know, wondering day-to-day what you might be missing and what need to run your business efficiently and take your act to stardom.

You’re painfully crafting excel sheets and systems that you’ve never used before, guessing what a contract should entail, and worrying that you don’t know enough about the music business to even get started.

I’ve been in artist management since 2011 when I was hired to run the Music Managers Forum Canada- and since spent my career as an independent manager and with artist management companies of GRAMMY and JUNO Award Winning artists. I’ve worked with artists with radio chart-topping and Platinum-selling hits, film and television placements, and international tours.

And in the process, have taught thousands of others how to do the same.

BUT, in the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know a single thing about the music business. I had no idea what kinds of contracts, processes, systems, templates, budgets, checklists or any other kind of guide I needed to be a manager. Being a SUPER organized person, this drove me CRAZY.

This is why I created this program. To walk you through every, dang, thing, you need to know. To share the exact templates, systems, protocols, plans, checklists, and spreadsheets that I’ve personally been creating and using in my day-to-day operations for the last 9 years.

Because I want you to get ahead faster (and not go crazy).

Your Instructor, and Founder of smartistU,


You Deserve to Reach Your Dreams

(while helping artists reach theirs)

So we’re going to take you by the hand and show you the processes that successful managers use to take talented artists from inception to recognition.


Becoming that confident, reputable, irreplaceable professional that you deserve to be.

Increasing your earning and creating that full-time music business you’ve been dreaming of.

Building your network and team of industry professionals.

Delegating your long-list of tasks, and earning more spare time.

Developing the most ideal, trusting, long-lasting artist/manager relationship.

Setting goals for yourself, the talent you represent, and achieving them through solid planning and routine behaviours.

Join Our Exclusive Community And Receive Access To:



The Full-Time Artist Manager [Value $497]

Sign incredible talent. Launch them to success. Become the manager everyone wants.

Module 1: Master Your Mindset
Module 2: Amp Up Your Earning Potential
Module 3: Discover & Sign Hardworking
Module 4: Develop Artist Career Strategies
Module 5: Optimize for Stability and Longevity


Music To The Masses [Value $497]

Eliminate the Overwhelm. Build a Raving Fan Base. Earn A Living Off of Your Music.

Module 1: Build Audiences & Music They Love
Module 2: Plan The Album & Touring Cycle
Module 3: Market to the Masses: Shows & Touring
Module 4: Market to the Masses: Song Promotion
Module 5: Advanced Marketing & Audience Building


Build Your Dream Team [Value $497]

Open Doors. Get Signed. Become Legendary.

Module 1: Master the Industry Gatekeepers
Module 2: 
Understand the Types of Artist Teams
Module 3: 
Get Noticed & Signed By The Core Team
Module 4: 
Hire the Independent Team
Module 5: 
Network & Delegate


The Artist Management Toolkit [Value $497]

The most important systems, plans, templates, & guides you need to start & run a successfully organized artist management business.

Categorized into Startup Kit, Touring Kit, Recordings Kit, Money Kit, Marketing Kit.


The Green Room (Private Facebook Group) [Value $597/yr]

Ongoing Career + Business Support and Networking Via Our Private Facebook Group.

Ready to get started?

You deserve to reach your dreams doing what you love. 

Total Value: $2,585
Only $997

or 12 interest-free payments of $83

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Pay-In-Full Only For 1:1 Calls


The Full-Time Artist Manager

33 Videos + 10 Files


Build Your Dream Team

28 Videos + 10 Files


Music to the Masses

28 Videos + 19 Files


Artist Management Toolkit

67 Fillable DOC’s and EXCEL’s


The Green Room (Community)

Lifetime Career & Business Support 

What’s Included in Each Section?

Ditch the confusion and doubt. Build the career and business of your dreams.

The Full-Time Artist Manager

Sign incredible talent. Launch them to success. Become the manager everyone wants.

5 Modules (33 Lessons)

  1. Master Your Mindset
  2. Amp Up Your Earning Potential
  3. Discover & Sign Hardworking Talent
  4. Develop Artist Career Strategies
  5. Optimize for Stability and Longevity

10 Course Downloads

  1. Music Artist Manager Competencies
  2. Self-Assessment
  3. Motivation Questionnaire
  4. Revenue Streams
  5. Management Agreement Example
  6. On-Boarding Checklist
  7. Understanding Artist Vision
  8. Routine Strategy Sheet
  9. Cashflow Sheet
  10. Bookkeeping Sheet

Build Your Dream Team 

Open Doors. Get Your Acts Signed. Become Legendary.

5 Modules (28 Lessons)

  1. Master the Industry Gatekeepers
  2. Understand the Types of Artist Teams
  3. Get Noticed & Signed By The Core Team
  4. Hire the Independent Team
  5. Network & Delegate

10 Course Downloads

  1. Manager Pitchbook
  2. Record Label Pitchbook
  3. Publisher Pitchbook
  4. Agent Pitchbook
  5. Show Promoter Pitchbook
  6. Tour Manager Hire Book
  7. Publicist Hire Book
  8. Radio & Streaming Hire Book
  9. Genius Delegator Task Audit Worksheet
  10. Contact Directory Template 

Music to the Masses

Eliminate the Overwhelm. Build Raving Fan Bases. Earn A Living In Music.

5 Modules (28 Lessons)

  1. Build Audiences & Music They Love
  2. Plan The Album & Touring Cycle
  3. Market to the Masses: Shows & Touring
  4. Market to the Masses: Song Promotion
  5. Advanced Marketing & Audience Building

19 Course Downloads

  1. 1000 True Fans Excerpt
  2. Social Strategy Template
  3. Audience Report Template
  4. Album Goals Worksheet
  5. Album Marketing Plan Template
  6. Album & Marketing Budget Template
  7. Bieber Release Timeline Example
  8. Rihanna Release Timeline Example
  9. Single Release Plan Timeline Template
  10. Tour Booking Guide
  11. Booking Advance Template
  12. Playlist Target Sheet
  13. Playlist Reporting Sheet
  14. DIY College Radio Promotion Guide
  15. DIY Commercial Radio Promotion Guide
  16. CANCON Guide
  17. SoundScan Guide
  18. ISRC & UPC Guide
  19. Press Release Example

What’s Included in The Toolkit?

The most important systems, plans, templates, & guides you need to start & run a successfully organized artist management business.


  1. Artist Management Agreement
  2. Artist On-Boarding Checklist
  3. Contact Directory Template
  4. Music Business Plan Template
  5. Ultimate Guide to Starting an Artist Management Company


  1. Asset Inventory Template
  2. Booking Advance Sheets
  3. DIY Tour Management Guide
  4. Email Sign Up Sheet
  5. Merchandise Revenue Tracker
  6. Merchandise Sales Register
  7. Personnel Doc
  8. Promoter Agreement Template
  9. Run Sheet Template
  10. Set List Creating Guide
  11. Show Booking Email Template
  12. Stage Plot & Input List Guide
  13. Tour Booking Guide
  14. Tour Budget Template
  15. Tour Itinerary Template
  16. Tour Reference Note



  1. Album Budget Template
  2. CANCON & MAPL Guide
  3. Co-Writer Split Sheet
  4. Distribution Guide
  5. ISRC & UPC Code Guide
  6. Label Copy Template
  7. Lyric Sheet Template
  8. New Single Release Checklist
  9. Producer Agreement Template
  10. Publishing Admin Agreement Template
  11. Shipping Cost Matrix Sheet
  12. Song Master Metadata Sheet
  13. SoundScan Guide
  14. The Artist Cycle Guide



  1. Album Marketing Plan Template
  2. Album Release Plan Timeline
  3. Artist Audience Report Template
  4. DIY College Radio Promotion Guide
  5. DIY Commercial Radio Promotion Guide
  6. Marketing Forecast Template
  7. Marketing Routine Checklist
  8. One Sheet Example
  9. Radio Formats 101 Guide
  10. Release Plan Example – Bieber
  11. Release Plan Example – Rihanna
  12. Social Media Strategy Calendar
  13. Streaming Playlist Target Template
  14. Streaming Promo Report Template



  1. Annual Profit & Loss Template
  2. Artist Finances Template
  3. Cashflow Tracking Template
  4. Daily Bookkeeping Template
  5. Grants Funding for Canadians
  6. Invoice Template
  7. Monthly Revenue Template
  8. Net Worth Sheet
  9. Personal Budget Template
  10. Revenue Streams Checklist
  11. Royalties 101 Guide
  12. Service Record Template


Frequently Asked Questions

When do the video courses start and finish?

Though we might suggest completing one module per week, they are completely self-paced online courses – you decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I need support after finishing the courses?

Once you join any smartistU course, you automatically receive lifetime support through our community forum. During + after your “studies”. Simply check-in daily, weekly, monthly (or whenever you please!) to ask questions, get feedback, or celebrate wins! 

How long do I have access to the courses?

After enrolling in any course, you have unlimited, lifetime* access, along with lifetime access to the private members area. 

*Lifetime = the lifetime of these offerings/smartistU.

Do you offer refunds?

We would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. We offer an unconditional 7-day money back guarantee. Get inside and see if it’s for you. No risk.

Can you help me with my career 1-on-1?

As soon as you enroll, you gain access to our private Facebook group called The Green Room. In this group you are encouraged to ask questions or celebrate wins not only with your new colleagues, but dedicated smartistU mentors.

Can I login from my phone?

Yes. Our website is mobile optimized and easy to use from your smart phone or tablet. Pro tip: add a short cut app to your iPhone or Android home screen, to easily access without typing in your browser.

Does smartistU have its own app?

No. However, our website is mobile optimized and easy to use from your smart phone or tablet. Add a short cut app to your iPhone or Android home screen, to easily access without typing in your browser.