5 Mistakes Even Smart Artist Managers Make

& How To Avoid Them.

Build a thriving career for yourself and your artist’s without the overwhelming fear of being rejected or replaced, and without having a huge contact network or a huge fan base.

You’re Going to discover

  • A major perspective shift that changes the way you do business in the music industry.
  • The word you’ve heard before that can stop even the SMARTEST people in their tracks.
  • Why more fans isn’t always what you need – and what you should focus on instead.
  • The story of how one manager got her artist onto 165 playlists with a brand new artist and song.
  • How to 20x the size and speed of your music career results with this (often overlooked) truth.

    Jamie New
    Founder of SmartistU

    What They’re Saying About This Free Training:

    Am feeling better already as an artist thank you very much. Mistake #1 is a mistake I’ve been consistently making, l wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for this.

    Michael S

    Absolutely love this.

    Earl S

    I’m glad I subscribed to this. I just got back into the industry and managing a great artist. It hasn’t been easy since I came back. Today’s training has lit the fire inside me that had died. What you write are facts and relatable. Thank you.
    Koketso S

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. It’s always good to get that boost of confidence whenever you’re going all in and investing into a project especially in the music industry. 

    Juilan W